Photos taken during the Tercentenary celebrations of the Brant Broughton Quakers

"I enjoyed looking at the Tercentenary photos and was transported back to all the fun we had with the children making costumes, particularly painting the tunics and masks to represent the cows and sheep taken from Thomas Robinson. (Thomas Robinson was the Quaker farmer who gave us the Meeting House as a place to worship and who was fined heavily for being a Quaker in the years before the 1689 Toleration Act that started to make life a bit easier for Quakers). As the children were doubling up in several roles these had to be made tunic style to fit over the costumes already being worn.  Great hilarity all round!  The Quaker hats were a nightmare and just about made it through the week, although they look surprisingly respectable on the photos.  We still have the script for the play in the back of the book of tercentenary photos in the lobby...…."


Wendy Gwatkin


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Brant Broughton

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